The Bundy Brush War Trial has begun in Portland Oregon, and at stake is nothing less than the 1st Amendment itself. What this all boils down to is that the federal government has killed one man, jailed a journalist and 45 others without bail, because Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and other vermin of their ilk who have been raping our country’s natural resources to sell to the Chinese and Russians didn’t like what he had to say. That travesty cannot be allowed to stand.

This trial will determine whether or not the First Amendment still protects our natural rights as free men and women, or if the government can decide to imprison people simply for their unpopular opinions or first-hand live reportage of current events.

Join The Truth Is Viral Publisher Bobby Powell for this exclusive coverage and you will see it al live as it happens, and recorded for more complete reports within hours across the TTiV Network and the Guerilla Media Network.

TTiV will also be providing special reports on the Roxy Lopez show The Truth Denied, and Roxy will also be providing you will interviews conducted in her own inimitable style with principals here on the ground in Oregon. You will not find more complete and honest coverage of the Bundy Brush War Trial anywhere but right here on The Truth Is Viral.