Skip breakfast

I’ve met many people who think skipping breakfast means they may loose weight.  Some, though, say they are not hungry in the morning.

Let’s look at skipping breakfast.  The word breakfast, means taking a break in fasting.  Think about it.  The last time a person eats the previous day, typically, may be dinner.  The time lapse between dinner the previous day and breakfast of the current day is approximately 10-12 hours.  Now the body is in starvation mode.  While in starvation mode, the body is eating away at muscle, leaving more room for fat.  This is not the smart way to loose weight.

Other side effects of not eating breakfast are: lack of energy, little focus, and bouncing blood sugars.   Also, reinforces cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.  Go here for the top 3 harmful effects of skipping breakfast. 

But there may be another reason people are skipping breakfast, TIME.  Working parents may focus on getting their children breakfast, and forget about eating themselves.

Is there a way to grab something healthy, give the body energy, increase focus, stabilize blood sugars, reduce cravings, increase muscle and loose weight?  Yes.  To turnaround your health, click here.

The important thing in any weight loss program is to retain muscle and loose fat.  Lean muscle speeds up the metabolism naturally.  Many weight loss programs focus on losing weight and that’s not a bad thing, but what happens when a person achieves their weight goal?  Are they able to keep the changes they made in their weight loss journey?  Many times, no.  Choose a weight loss program that has a real person to support you and a sensible maintenance program.

It’s about lifestyle changes, not temporary fixes.

To your health!

Mary Beth Potrykus


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