Binge Season is Scary

Halloween marks the first Holiday of the “binge” season.  It might seem startling but the average individual will gain 20 or more pounds from OCT 31st-JAN 1st.   After the 1st of the year come resolutions to lose weight and get healthy.  Great expectations and effort yield about 10-12 pounds lost.  This will leave a net of 8-10 pounds of ugly and unhealthy fat haunting us long after Halloween is over as we pinch our “love handles”, look in the mirror with discouragement, and climb the stairs feeling the extra stress on our joints.  There is good news for you.  I am confident that it does not have to be this way.  Say it with me now and say it loud and clear “this year will be different.  I will enjoy the season without guilt and over indulgence, and I WILL achieve in health and maintain or even lose weight!”

What you can do starting TODAY will be to keep up with your workouts and create clear intentions to reduce the amount of treats (do not eliminate them just make a commitment to only have a certain amount to enjoy) and you will be in good shape.  During this time of the year we often skip our workouts or meals, drink an access of alcohol and sugar and more.  Working out will not only help you burn calories and gain muscle but you will also help you overcome stress and so much more.

First, we recommend writing down your intentions for the season.  Writing it down is a powerful step many of us (even us trainers) forget to do.  There are books of research showing the power of putting pen to paper and declaring your true desires for yourself and others.  What do you want for yourself?  What do you wish to experience?  How would you like to create a healthier body and mind before Jan 1st?

Second, build up your fitness with cardio.  You can build cardiovascular endurance and reap the benefits.  Aerobic exercises are those, which strengthen the heart and circulatory system, and in doing so, results in more efficient use of oxygen by the body.  But there are a number of other benefits, which are accrued as a result of aerobic exercising combined with good nutrition and strength straining, and they all increase the body’s energy.

Energetic From the Inside Out

As people age they often begin to complain about not having enough energy anymore.  Often the lack of energy is not due to age, but rather to lack of proper nutrition and aerobic conditioning. The body uses oxygen to generate energy and when your aerobic capacity is low, your energy level will be low.

For the body to have enough energy to function at full capacity, the heart and lungs and circulatory system must be able to deliver oxygen efficiently.  Your aerobic capacity determines your endurance.  In other words, if you have low aerobic capacity, your endurance will also be low making it difficult to complete many daily activities such as climbing a set of stairs.

When you begin a program, it must be well balanced.  Fitness is a concept, which embraces three components:  strength, aerobic capacity and nutrition.  You can’t include two components while ignoring the third and expect to see overall fitness.

Increasing your aerobic capacity increases energy levels in many ways.

  • Reduces fatigue by increasing oxygen supplies
  • Burns calories so you are able to lose weight
  • Increases heart strength so it is better able to pump oxygen rich blood
  • Increases stamina
  • Improves delivery of oxygen to muscles which increases endurance
  • Helps you sleep better at night
  • Increases metabolic rate 

Joining Forces

Your aerobic conditioning exercises should be combined with strength training and nutrition in order to achieve the best results.  Your body operates as a unit, and like any unit all of the components must be maintained.  Aerobic exercises include jogging, bicycling, swimming, aerobics, rapid walking and many sports activities.  By including a variety of aerobic exercises to increase your cardiovascular healthy will be fun and interesting in addition to being effective. Find a cardio class that is fun and invigorates you.

Join a team of peers or a workout buddy. Perhaps a personal trainer can create a program, which improves your general health, which leads to increased energy.  A personal trainer can design a safe and effective fitness program that includes a variety of aerobic exercises in conjunction with your strength training.  The accountability of a team of peers and professionals can be a powerful tool to your success.

You can do it!!

Set your intentions starting today.  Write it down and start getting in your aerobic exercise so that you can increase your energy levels by increasing the body’s oxygen supply, improving cardiovascular functioning and helping you get a good night’s sleep.  A group of peers or a personal trainer can work with you to create a routine and keep you accountable.  You don’t have to be one of those people complaining about not having enough energy and gaining fat this season instead stay on track and achieve your goals.

About the Author:

Beth Rzendzian is the owner of EverFit Training Studio in Brighton Michigan, Brighton’s premier fitness and fat loss expert.   For more info visit and we always have FREE, no pressure, coaching consultations at EverFit.  Mention this article and receive up to $100 off your first package with EverFit

Thank you to Beth Rzendzian for this excellent information.

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